"Eatlink" - An application that combines local restaurants, their menus, locations on the map, a QR code scanner of the restaurant, as well as translations of dishes into different languages. The purpose of the application is to overall make it easier for tourists to find restaurants in an unfamiliar country, view the menu in languages they understand, and also take the opportunity to examine the ingredients of the dishes.

The application includes:

- Registration and authorization

- Map with the locations of preferred restaurants with working hours

- Smart search engine that provides quick search according to the required criteria

- Translations and filters according to the user’s preferences (allergies, lifestyle, etc.)

- QR scanner showing the restaurant’s menu along with the dish prices, ingredients, pictures

- Basket where you can add and sum up your order to later show the waiter

- Backoffice, which includes a variety of tools for content management

- Website for restaurant owners to register their restaurants and also edit content the content of the menu

At the moment, the application is in the moderation stage in the AppStore

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