KM-Auctions is an electronic trading platform for online e-commerce. The website is designed for real time bidding and auctions. The platform provides transparent and open procedures for implementation / procurement. The platform can be integrated to another online resource such as an online store, an ad site, etc. It can also function as a single independent platform.

The system has a number of functions:

- Registration and authorization integrated to the main platform.

- Smart search engine that provides quick search for the required criteria.

- Functions for creating and participating in relevant buying and selling lots.

- Built-in notifications, both inside the system and by mail.

- Backoffice, which includes multifunctional tools for managing the content of the website, clients, companies, and disputes, as well as an in-depth system of statistics on all lots of transactions, etc.

The range of functions that is currently in the stage of development:

- Electronic document management and digital signature.

- A system for checking the counterparty for conscientiousness based on data on the Internet, previous transactions, the company's turnover, and much more.

- Promo site for the presentation of the first platform.

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