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Boost Warehouse Efficiency with Videoanalys: Smart Box Counting on Autopilot

Introducing Videoanalys, the innovative AI-powered solution developed for Martin that redefines pallet box counting accuracy and efficiency. Say goodbye to manual counting errors and labor costs.

Videoanalys takes the wheel, automatically:

  • Detecting pallet swaps
  • Counting boxes on pallets in real-time
  • Storing detailed data

Powered by a powerful duo:

  • AI Engine: Leveraging state-of-the-art machine learning, physics, and mathematics, our intelligent models deliver unmatched accuracy and adaptability.
  • Administrative Portal: Easily monitor box counts, view historical data, and manage settings through a user-friendly administrative interface.

Videoanalys delivers tangible benefits:

  • Boost accuracy and eliminate manual counting errors.
  • Increase warehouse throughput and productivity.
  • Optimize inventory management with real-time data insights.
  • Reduce labor costs and free up valuable employee time.

Experience the Videoanalys advantage for yourself. Contact us today for a free demo!

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