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Unique multi-profile content management system

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Craft Your Online Vision with Ease: Our CMS and PCSP Powerhouse

Our Content Management System empowers you to:

  • Feature-Rich Toolkit: Access a robust suite of functionalities to create and customize engaging websites for any purpose.
  • Cutting-Edge Performance: Built on the latest technologies, our streamlined architecture ensures optimal server performance and speed.
  • Effortless Control: Edit content, add pages, and manage requests with our user-friendly interface. No coding required!
  • Unwavering Security: Experience superior stability and enhanced security compared to mainstream CMS options.

PCSP: Piracy Tamed, Innovation Unleashed

  • Vigilance on Autopilot: Track content across major search engines like Google and Bing with customizable piracy alerts.
  • Targeted Tracking: Enter specific search queries and receive instant notifications when new pages containing them are published.
  • Smart Exceptions: Whitelist authorized content-sharing websites to avoid unnecessary alerts.
  • Beyond Piracy Control: Utilize PCSP for market research, competitor analysis, and SEO optimization.

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